It’s so amazing to be flying over the ocean on our way to Glasgow via Iceland, but all the more amazing to have a son on either side of me on the flight! How incredible that Caleb and Jacob wanted to make this journey with me.

We will stay in Glasgow one night, then head to the Island of Mull on Saturday morning. I have avoided thinking about the fact that i will be one of the three drivers. Well, other than watching some Youtube videos of Americans trying to drive in the UK, that is. I hope that our experience will be safe, if not as funny as those poor souls who may even yet still be going around in circles, just trying to get out of the airport parking lot.

I hope that once we find our way to our hotel this afternoon that we can explore Glasgow a bit. High on my list of sights to see is Glasgow Cathedral, the only church to survive the Reformation intact. It was built on the site of a church established by an ancient saint, St. Mungo.

Meanwhile, I am just trying to soak in the
reality that we are on our way!